How Do I Test My 56K Modem?

56k Modem Technology

While we are very enthusiastic about the new 56k modem technologies, we feel it is our duty as your ISP to inform you as to an honest and complete look at this new technology in actual testing.

In recent months, we have been purchasing new equipment, fighting with vendors because of their shortfall on readily available inventory, and their failure to deliver software. We have also tested dozens of different modems from different manufacturers from different locations throughout Benton and Franklin Counties.

Here is what we have found:

Does 56K give you anymore speed?

Yes. But if your phone lines are noisy or if you connect with a bad connection, you may experience a decrease in speed.

  • We have recently found that the U.S. West & GTE telephone facilities into your home may affect the speed of your transmission. Unbelievably, old copper phone lines seem to work better than new fiber optics and "dry copper" is likely to get more speed out of the new technology.
  • On the good side, we have found virtually all manufacturers’ modems connect anywhere from 28.8 to 53K. For the most part, connections are occurring between 40 and 42K. This is a significant increase over 33.6 (30 to 40%) with the possibility that you may be fortunate enough to connect at even higher rates.

Webbworks, although willing to help you in every way possible, can assume no responsibility if your connection does not speed up due to the variables mentioned above which are out of our control.

We have located a line test number for you to try to help you determine whether your phone line is capable of the new technology. Here is what you need:

  • Any manufacturer’s V.34 modem, installed and connected to a phone line.
  • Any terminal application (such as Win95’s HyperTerminal, Rapid Comm,QuickLink II or MacComCenter)

Dialing into the LineTest.

First, open a "terminal window" in your communications software. For detailed instructions, consult your software’s documentation.

(This is NOT a toll free number:)  1-847-262-6000

Most communications programs offer the ability to dial from a "phone book." Alternately, you may send the following command to your modem:

ATDT 1-847-262-6000

You’ll be connected to the LineTest system, and asked if your system supports graphics. Press the ‘Enter’ key to proceed.

You’ll then be prompted for your name. Type in: Line Test

The LineTest system will perform a series of diagnostics on your connection, and will inform you of its conclusion.

If 56K Isn’t Supported

Since line conditions can change from call to call, we recommend that you make several calls to LineTest to ensure an accurate diagnosis. If you have multiple phone lines available for use, we recommend that you try calling from each line.

If multiple calls indicate that your line won’t support 56K , keep in mind that telephone network configurations can change, so your chances of making high-speed connections may improve over time.

In addition, configuring and installing your new modem may take some patience and time, however, we feel the results are worth the effort. We also have invested time and money to bring this technology to you. As always, the Internet Help Desk is here to help you through this time.

Thank you for your continued patronage and support.

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