Webbworks, Inc. is a locally owned and operated, full service, quality Internet Service Provider (ISP) serving all of North America, U.S. and Canada, including Alaska, Hiwaii and Puerto Rico, with over 19,500 access points, so you can use you Internet connection eanywhere, including offering hometown service to the residents of the Columbia Basin. Webbworks provides a full range of services to include dial-up Internet connections, dedicated analog connections, DSL, Wireless, digital leased lines, and Internet marketing and publishing services.

Founded in 1996, Webbworks, Inc. was formed by dbAssociates, an award winning technology consulting company, and a dedicated group of Tri-Cites professionals to address the growing need of consumers who wished to gain access to the Internet and World Wide Web, but who could not identify an appropriate Internet Service Provider (ISP).

They required a service which was:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Reliable
  • Comprehensive
  • Affordable

Webbworks, Inc. is committed to providing quality Internet solutions for corporate and organizational entities, as well as individuals. We illustrate this commitment with 7-days-a-week technical support, an industry-best modem-to-user ratio for dial-up clients, and an Internet Network developed with the finest hardware available. Webbwork's team of first class Internet professionals, has created an Internet Service Provider with unlimited Internet connectivity skills.

It is this quality approach which has helped Webbworks, Inc. grow quickly into a National ISP with access points in all 50 States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

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Core Competencies

Webbworks, Inc.'s core competencies are the areas in which we excel; they are what distinguish us from among the current glut of Internet Service Providers. With the resources of our service partner dbAssociates, a technology consulting firm which has been successfully doing business for over 30 years, Webbworks, Inc. has the following superlative advantages:



These qualities will benefit Webbworks, Inc. members by providing a service which is:

  • Faster: due to Webbworks' digital set-up, your connection won't be as impeded by slow modems or noisy phone lines. And as communications technology advances, so will we.

  • More Reliable: our system is designed and maintained by Central Washingtons' leading system experts. Your telephone doesn't shut down in the middle of a conversation; why should your Internet connection?

  • Available When Needed: we offer lower member-to-line ratios, and our lines are never busy!

  • Affordable: our flexible pricing plans are designed to fit your usage, and all of our accounts include standard features, such as unlimited connect time while actively using the Internet, unlimited email accounts, space for a personal website, nationwide roaming, toll-free access and much more that other ISP's charge you for using.



In addition to quality hardware and technical expertise, Webbworks, Inc. has a very human side, exemplified in our customer service and technical support staff. Rather than treating our customers like a burden, we consider you our ultimate responsibility and concentrate exclusively on your satisfaction. Our staff is sensitive to the needs of the typical residential user, who may not have a ready familiarity with all of the bewildering array of technical jargon (see our Glossary for some insight into some of these common 'buzzwords') and intricate configuration issues sometimes involved in getting on-line (note: sometimes involved; getting on-line can be relatively simple to accomplish, but it's good to have support to fall back on if it proves more of a challenge). Some providers even go out of their way to discourage the less technically-savvy customers, in order to clear more profit with minimal hassle; as a customer-focused company, Webbworks, Inc. has your interests and needs at its heart.

In addition, we offer extensive support for more than just one standard computer platform; our Technical Support staff includes specialists in all flavors of Windows, UNIX, and Macintosh systems, and we have compiled an extensive set of instructions for many of the most common configuration and on-line activities for your reference on our Technical Support site. If you know someone who isn't getting the attention they deserve with another ISP simply because they don't have the same stock configuration that their provider uses, why not suggest they contact us? Webbworks offers it's users a great bonus for referring new users.

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