How do I Chat on the Web?

  • To chat on the internet, users can use a variety of programs. The most common programs our customers like to chat with and the programs that we recommend are ICQ and mIRC. Both software programs are distributed as freeware, which means you get them absolutely free! In order to know which program best suits your needs, we need to know a little more about how each program works.
  • ICQ is a personal chat client that works in conjunction with friends and family who are also online. ICQ is a program that comes complete with all the bells and whistles to allow friends to communicate over the internet. ICQ requires both users of the chat session to be running ICQ. This is an important point because this is the main difference between mIRC and ICQ. Once both people are registered through the ICQ database, users can open chat sessions, send messages to each other, and a number of different things. A chat session is a split screen window that shows both people typing in real-time. This is a great way to chat with online friends who are halfway around the world or just down the street. ICQ is unique in that the user creates a list of friends and only those people can be in the chat sessions. So this is not a good program to meet new people, but a great program to keep in touch with people you already know. For more information see "What is ICQ and Product Description."
  • MIRC is a program that uses an Internet service called IRC(Internet Relay Chat). The way IRC works is that users first install the software and then connect to an IRC server and then enter a chat room. For example, a user can connect to an IRC server like "" and from there, the user can create a chat room or enter on of more that a thousand other chat rooms. Users search for channels which are listed by subject and number of users per room. Unlike ICQ the user has little control over who enters the public chat rooms, but the advantage of this is that the user can meet new friends from anywhere and who are interested in similar subjects. For more information see "What is mIRC?"
  • Both mIRC and ICQ can be used in conjunction with each other to provide full use of internet chat, but installing both or either program can be complicated. Even the most advanced Internet user can be stumped when setting up these programs and we recommend caution when installing this software. Installing either software package will not interfere with your Webbworks ISP connection and running these programs can benefit your online experience. Make sure you completely read the help files/tutorials on the respective home pages before starting to setup this software. The software can be downloaded from our Webbworks site by clicking on our Tech Support Page. Other information including help files/tutorials can be found at "" and ""
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