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All orders can be placed on-line or by fax. You will receive a confirmation of this order via e-mail usually the same day. We process all option 1-4 orders within 24 hours from the time we receive payment (please allow extra time on weekends). For dedicated server orders, allow 7 days for server configurations. If you are an existing customer wanting to upgrade, send an e-mail with your request to support@webbworks.com

PART 1: Customer Information

Company Name:    
Organization Purpose/Description (few words):
First Name:
Last Name:
State / Province:
Zip / Postal code:
Country (two letter country code):
    Before configuring your server, a representative will be
    calling to verify this information.

    You must enter a valid e-mail address. This is the address that the order confirmation and server configurations will be sent to. If you want a copy sent to more than one address you can list multiple addresses separated by a comma.

Billing E-mail:
    If you wish for billing information to be sent to a different address, enter a valid e-mail address here. If you wish for all the information to be sent to the same e-mail address, you can leave this field empty.

Part 2: Choose Your Web Site Option

Option 1 - 1000 MB Virtual Web Server - POP3/Webmail/FTP/Backup - $9.95 a month & NO Setup Fees
Option 2 - 2500 MB Virtual Web Server - POP3/Webmail/FTP/Backup - $14.95 a month & NO Setup Fees
Option 3 - 5000 MB Virtual Web Server - POP3/Webmail/FTP/Backup - $19.95 a month & NO Setup Fees
Option 4 - 10000 MB Virtual Web Server - POP3/Webmail/FTP/Backup - $29.95 a month & NO Setup Fees
Option 5 - 100 GB Dedicated Virtual Web Server - POP3/Webmail/FTP/Backup/SSL/FTP/+ - See Below
Hard Drive: 
All Windows 2003 Server Systems include unlimited Email Addresses, Email Forwards, Website Templates, Website Statistics, SSL, Website Backup, PHP/Perl/CGI/Python Support.

Part 3: Choose Your Domain Name

Is this a new domain or a modify? NEW MODIFY (existing)

IF A NEW DOMAIN: Check the Internic to see if your name already exists. Type DOMAIN.xxx (where DOMAIN is the name you want and xxx is your chosen extension). If it already exists, pick another. Please be aware that Internic will bill you separately for any name you register. The current charge is $100 for the first two years.

IF AN EXISTING DOMAIN (modify): Check the Internic to see if you are the proper owner of the domain. The Company Name field on this orderform MUST match the company that this domain is registered to. If it does not, the Internic will NOT approve the modify. You will need to first delete the domain using the Internic Template Tool Suite. Once you submit your request you can then come back here and order your server. We will register the domain for you with your new information. Please be aware that Internic will bill you again for the domain.

Domain Name: www. [other extension]
You cannot just make up an extension, if you choose another extension other than the ones listed you MUST apply for the registration or modification yourself. An ".edu" domain can only be taken by a four-year, degree awarding college. Be sure to include the "." in the extension you add. For full registration instructions, see http://www.webbworks.com/other-domains.html.

Part 4: User Information

Company Name: 
First Name:
Last Name:
E-mail #1: Password1:
This is the primarly account, that all additional email will point to.
E-mail #2: Password2:
E-mail #3: Password3:
E-mail #4: Password4:
E-mail #5: Password5:

Part 5: Payment Options

Pay by Credit Card
    Your card will be charged the first months payment (current month prorated) plus the setup charge. You will then be charged the first of each month. You can cancel your server at any time. Payments made in advance cannot be refunded. Customers residing outside the USA and Option 5 customers will be sent an agreement via e-mail that must be signed and either faxed or mailed back to Webbworks, Inc. before the server can be configured.

    Card:     Card Number:
    Expiration Date: /   V-Code:
    Name Appearing on Card:

      ** All credit cards are verified and confirmed before charged. All fraudulent charges
       are now reported to and fully investigated by the United States Secret Service. **

Bill via e-mail
    Your server will not be activated until the first payment is received. The first invoice will arrive to you via e-mail immediately. All invoices must be paid on time to avoid interruption of service.Please Note: We can not register your domain name until the first payment is received.

Other Instructions (PLEASE hit enter after each line):
Type any additional instructions that you would like to include with your order.

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For Office Use Only: AEID:

Webbworks, Inc. requires that each Web site user understand
and agree to the following:

(1) The Web site shall not be used to store pornographic material. Sites containing adult material, although not necessarily pornographic, are also prohibited.
(2) These servers may NOT be used for the sending of unsolicited e-mail (spam). We have a strict policy of not hosting any sites that participate in "spamming". For our full policy see our page on spamming.
(3) The Web site shall not be used for gambling or any other practice deemed illegal by the laws of the US Federal Government.
(4) The Web site shall not be used to store or disseminate material of a threatening or slanderous nature.
(5) Webbworks, Inc. reserves the right to deactivate any Web site account at any time, if the account is in violation of Webbworks, Inc. operation procedures.
(6) In fairness to other virtual server users, exceptionally busy sites receiving over 1 gigabyte of data transfer per day, must be either moved to a dedicated server or just removed from the Webbworks, Inc. servers.
(7) Billing begins when your server is configured and on-line. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for Web design. Web design is not included in the setup charge.
(8) Unless you have an existing domain name, the Internic will bill you separately $100 for the first two years for domain registration (Internic domains only).
(9) You understand that the Webbworks, Inc. 30 day money back guarantee only applies to monthly charges paid, and does not include setup charges.
(10) You can cancel your server at any time however you A) must use the online cancellation form at http://www.webbworks.com/cancel.htm OR call our administration office at (509) 545-9571 and receive a cancellation number (e-mail cancellations are NOT accepted) and B) understand that all cancellations are done on the last day of the month the cancellation is registered.
(11) Your use of your Webbworks, Inc. Virtual Server constitutes acceptance of our Virtual Server Service Terms and Conditions. The Virtual Server Terms and Conditions is comprised of the Virtual Server Terms and Conditions Agreement and the Operating Policy. You acknowledge that you have read these documents and abide by the provisions.

Now We Are Done! Please check over your information then press the submit button.

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