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Being disconnected from the internet can be frustrating, but try to understand that your computer is trying to access the internet through possibly shoddy or old wiring traveling many miles to reach just the internet service, which connects you to the internet, this is called the last mile.

You are essentially not being disconnected, your computer or modem is hanging up on you. We will do our best to determine why. We don't want to keep you from using the internet! It has proven to be, dollar for dollar, the best use of under $0.75 a day!

Here is a check list to help narrow down the real issue.

  • 1.) Make sure your modem is plugged directly into a wall jack, no splitters, no extension cords, no "surge suppressors" with a functioning telephone wire.
  • 2.) Plug a phone into the jack your computer uses to see if there is any "static" or humming/tones in the line, modems hear things our ears can't. If there is obvious noise, static or no dial tone, call your local phone company for phone line or jack repair.
  • 3.) Update your modem drivers to the most current driver available for that product. You can get updated info from your computer manufacturer or the modem manufacturer. For more , see here http://www.modemhelp.org
  • 4.)Outlook Express is often set to "Hang up after checking mail", if you disconnect after checking mail, this may be the problem. In Outlook Express, click on "Tools" , "Options" and "Connection", uncheck the box that says "Hang up after Receiving E-Mail"
  • 5.) If you are downloading and not otherwise using your connection (checking email, surfing the web), the communication occurring is only one-way and may be interpreted as inactivity. Try having your email program check for mail more often than every 20 minutes, or click on a link occasionally to keep the connection active.
  • 6. ) If you have a WinModem, or any modem that uses Windows to help it maintain the connection, you will require extra RAM to perform this task. Modems are pieces of hardware that manage and maintain your connection, in recent years, software has been used to bring the cost of the computer down, but relies on the computer's operating system more heavily than a hardware modem. WinModems typically disconnect you more than a hardware modem. It is best to avoid using these modems, although they are most common in newer computers. If your internet connection is important to you, you will do your best to see that your computer is at its best to provide what you need from it.
  • 7.) We have experienced situations with disconnects for things you may not even think of- a client called furious that we were "disconnecting" him, I must reiterate, we do not disconnect you. This person was disconnecting every day at 5:30, he said he had JUST had a new phone line run to his house and it couldn't be the phone! After days of agonizing, we did discover that the new phone line was running through his neighbor's pasture where there was an electric fence, when this electric fence was turned on, it sent electric noise through the phone line, hindering his internet connection. Another subscriber was disconnecting at 5:30 daily, it was discovered his sprinkler system, when activated at 5:30, sent noise through his phone line and also got his line wet, causing connection problems on the internet. I, myself, cannot connect from home when it rains because the phone line from my house to the street is buried about 2 inches under ground, with no other protection from the elements.
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