How Do I Download A File in Windows 95?

How do I Download a File for Windows?

Occasionally, you may be browsing the web and find a program that you like. Companies sometimes allow you to download their software to evaluate if you wish to "try before you buy." How do you download this software?

1. Most companies have a download button or a highlighted link that you can click on to initiate the download. For example, if you wanted to download a copy of Eudora light, you could go to or simply download it from the software section on our homepage. Whichever method you choose, when you click on the "Eudora Light" link to download, your browser will prompt you what action you should take; such as should you save the file to disk or view it. Of course, you want to save the file to your machine where you can run it. The box that just appeared should look similar to the one at the right. [figure 1] First before clicking on the save button in that window that just appeared, specify where you want to place the file on your machine. For example, you want to save all your downloads into one directory called "downloads." You need to specify that directory first by left-clicking the arrow at the end of the bar at the top of the box (the picture to the right has an arrow pointing to the bar).




figure 1

This brings down a "tree" listing of the directories on your computer. Navigate the tree until you find the directory where you wish to save the file, for our example the "downloads" folder. You don't have a "downloads" folder? Click on the listing for your "C:" drive in the "tree" list. It should now be highlighted. Now click the folder with the asterisk on the top right corner of the folder (the picture to the right has an arrow pointing to that folder.) [figure 2] Type in the name "downloads" and press return. You just created the folder "downloads." After selecting the folder, the name should appear in that box. Now click on save and wait for the program to download to your machine. While you are waiting, be sure to write down where you are saving the file. For our example, the directory listing is C:\Downloads.


figure 2

2. Once you have downloaded the file, then what? You now need to install the program onto your computer. Begin by opening windows explorer or file manager (depending if you are on Win95 or Win3.x respectively). The left side of your screen should have a hierarchy of the directories found on your computer. Navigate to the directory that you saved the file in, our example was "download." [figure 3] Once you have found the directory, click on it, and the file that you downloaded should be listed on the right side of your screen. Double click on the file to install the program. After the program is installed, you will be given instructions on how to run the program. If you use Win95, it probably created an icon on your Programs list. If you use Win3.x, it probably created a folder in your Program Manager.

3. It just asked what program to associate with the file? You probably downloaded a "zipped" program. Look at the file name, if it ends with .zip then you know you have a zipped file. "Zipping" a program is done to conserve space and lower download time. You need to download an unzip program. For more information, see the How do I unzip files section also in our How To section. What do you do if it's not a .zip file? You may wish to consult our glossary section which lists some common file endings and the programs associated with them.


figure 3

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