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Securing your mail client is just one of the steps necessary to achieve optimum security against email threats. If you have not already done so, visit the Email Help Center for tips on spotting malicious attachments and the do's and dont's of email security. To make Outlook/Outlook Express more secure:

  • Set the Restricted Sites security zone to disable all ActiveX and Java. Do this from Internet Explorer by selecting the following menu items:
    Tools | Internet Options | Security | Restricted Sites | Custom Level
    Note: Just setting the restrictions to High will not work. You must choose Custom Level and scroll through the list disabling all options for scripting of Java or ActiveX. If you are unable to follow this step, it may be a good idea to ask an experienced friend for assistance.
After making the necessary modifications to Restricted Zones, you will need to add Outlook or Outlook Express to this Zone.
  • Open Outlook Express or Outlook (if not already open)
    Choose Tools | Options | Security
    Select the Restricted Zone.

Make sure you have all applicable critical patches and updates applied to your system. Visit the Windows Update site, choose Product Updates, and install any marked as "Critical". You should check for updates periodically, as Microsoft generally products a vast number of patches each year.

To disable scripting in other mail clients, choose from the list below:

Netscape Mail

Help thwart email threats. Do you have another tip for making Netscape Mail, or any other mail client, a bit safer? Submit a Tip for securing your favorite mail client. Accepted tips will appear in the appropriate section of the Email Help Center.

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