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Many problems that occur after you are up and running are very simple to take care of. We have tried to make a compilation of problems and their solutions for our customers. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, please email our Help Desk with the question. We will try to provide a prompt answer that will help you with your problem. If it is a common problem that we missed, we will be happy to add it to the FAQ list in the next revision. Once you read this, you might wish to print it out for future reference. Where we cannot guarantee this FAQ will solve all problems, we do hope that it will give you, our user, a better understanding of things that can occur frequently with a quick solution.

What is an "FAQ"?
An "FAQ" is a short term for Frequently Asked Questions. This is where you will find answers to many common questions with answers to those questions.

What is an "Illegal Operation" or a "General Protection Fault"?
Unfortunately there are very few right answers for these types of errors. Depending on what program you received the error from is where you should look to find the problem. Most times, exiting the program then restarting it helps. Sometimes you might have to reboot entirely. For more help on troubleshooting, see the manuals for the software/hardware that is causing the errors. If it persists, you might want to contact the manufacturer or publisher for additional help.

Why do I keep getting disconnected?
There could be several reasons why you get disconnected. First are noisy telephone lines. You might wish to check them with your modem or call U.S. West or GTE. Another common reason for being disconnected is idleness. If you are inactive on the Internet for a certain period of time, you could get disconnected. Another is one that happens most often. It is Call Waiting. If you have call waiting, you can disable it before making your call to Webbworks. In your dialer properties you will find the phone number you dial to get online. In front of that number, place the following: *70,,. That reads: "Star 70 comma comma". After you disconnect from the Internet, your phone will continue with Call Waiting for your normal phone calls.

Why do I go slow?
There are several reasons for "crawling" on the Internet. First, you have to take into account your modem speed. Second, you might wish to test your lines for static or bad connections. Sometimes the Internet itself slows down to a crawl. This is not something Webbworks is responsible for. This can only be cleared up in time by the outside source. You might wish to keep checking the System Status page for any new information regarding server problems, fixes, or upgrades with Webbworks.

Why can I only connect sometimes and not all of the time?
Usually this is due to line noise problems. Please check your lines and try reconnecting. Webbworks has provided a line check guide for you in the Internet Help Desk section of their webpages. If it is not your telephone lines and you have voice mail, check to see if you have any waiting messages. Sometimes the tones for messages will trick the modem and the modem will not hear a dial tone.

When I try to use my email, it tells me I have the wrong password.
Double check that the password you entered is correct. The passwords used on the Webbworks system is CASE-SENSITIVE. The easiest way to double check the password is to re-enter it slowly, making sure you have the exact match.

Why can't I send email?
Make sure you are connected to Webbworks before all else. If you are not connected, you cannot send email. If you are connected, make sure your password for your email has been entered correctly. Next, double check the recipient's email address. Sometimes, mail programs verify username and email addresses before sending the email out. Also, if an email is too large, that may cause problems sending email.

Why can't I receive email?
Again, make sure you are connected to Webbworks. Second, take note of any error messages you may receive. Recheck your password and try again. If you have a rather large email file in your account, it is also possible that your email program will not allow you to download it. If you are familiar with a Telnet program, you can use that to check on the size of the email, or call into the Internet Help Desk for assistance. In other instances, the email address inserted for receiving email is incorrect. It must be in lower case letters. This is also the case for the password. If in doubt, erase both username and password and enter it again.

My email program says I have X messages. It starts downloading and then stops before it is finished.
In most cases, there are two reasons for this type of error. The first reason is that your connection has been severed. If you reconnect and try getting your mail, you should be successful. Another reason is that one of your messages in your mailbox on the server is too large for your email program to handle.

Can different members of my family have different email addresses?
Of course. Webbworks has several options you may take if you wish to have separate email addresses for each member of your family. One is to upgrade your account to a Family account. This type of account is the same as a regular Personal account with an addition of 5 email addresses. You can also purchase separate email addresses instead of upgrading to the Family account. Please call our offices for pricing.

How do I check my email when I am away from home?
When you are away, if you have Internet access, you can still access our POP email server ( If you do not have access, but you have a computer available, you can call into our offices and get access to one of the 10,854 Local Access numbers Nationwide. Or you can call the office @ 1-866-545-9706 and get the 1-866- access number, this is not a toll-free call, however, and can only be accessed by authorized users. Webbworks users can also signup for a free Webbmail Account, which gives you Web access to your email from any computer on the planet.

Where did my email program go?
Regardless of what it looks like, your email program is exactly where you left it. Problems like this stem from the fact that another piece of software was installed with an email program that changed your default. Such programs include Netscape, Office 97, and other email applications (Eudora, Outlook, Pegasus).

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