How Do I Change Dialup Number?

The Benton County dialup number has changed.

You should change your Webbworks dialup icon as follows:

1.) Select: My Computer icon

2.) Select: Dial Up Networking

3.) Select: Webbworks icon

4.) Click your right mouse button and from the popup menu

5.) Select: Properties

6.) Under the phone number, replace 509-783-0309 with 509-585-3648 for Kennewick or 509-392-4015 for Richland

If you have problems, call tech support @ 509-545-9706 or

Computer Services @ 509-783-5541 for assistance.

The new lines also require a change in your login. Instead of simply entering your username when log in you need to use as your login ID. Your password will remain the same.

Additional access numbers can be found @ Webbworks Access Numbers

Thank you for your cooperation and patience and for choosing Webbworks.

If you have questions or comments, please visit our website at: or .

Thank you for your continued patronage and support.

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