Connecting Your MAC to the Internet

Connecting your Mac to the Internet is a thankfully simple task, so long as you have the right software to begin with and a brief outline of the configuration process. To help you along, we've prepared some reference material to help you through the various stages of setting up and getting online; this documentation covers three main areas:

1) Configuration - starting from scratch and walking through selecting and installing software, setting preferences, and dialing into our system.

2) Outfitting - choosing which software you need to make the most of your Internet connection, from improved dialers to Web browser and Chat clients.

3) Troubleshooting - if something goes wrong, whether during initial set-up or anytime later on, here's where you can check for potential trip-ups and suggested solutions.

More general information about online Mac publications, resources, and software is available from the Computers links page. If you have any questions that are not covered in the above areas, or have any suggestions for expanding Mac tech support, please let me know.

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