How Do I MAX Out My Internet Experience?

How do I max out my internet experience?

So you now have this great internet connection but you just don't feel like you're getting the most out of your web experience. How do you maximize your computer to take advantage of these high-color, high-resolution web pages? We'll show you how, but first, you MUST make sure your computer matches these descriptions. Otherwise, follow the directions at your own risk.

  • Windows 98/2000
  • At LEAST 64 megs of RAM
  • A video card that supports 32,000 colors (high color) or more
  • A 17" monitor or larger
  • Begin by clicking on Start. Move up to the settings listing. A menu to the right appears. Click on the option that is for Control Panels. In this listing, look for an icon that looks like a monitor. The words "Display" are beneath the icon. Double click on it. A box similar to the one at right will be displayed. [figure 1] Across the top are tabs. One of these tabs will be Settings. Click on this tab and the screen to the right should be displayed. [figure 2] We want to change the color palette and the desktop area settings. Click on the arrow pointing down in the box just below the words "Color Palette". If your video card supports high color, it will be listed. It may say 32,000 colors or High Color 16-bit. Click on this setting. To change the Desktop Area, left click and hold the slider button on the bar and slide it to the right towards More. This should change the numbers immediatedly below that slider. Move it to the right until the numbers below it read 800 by 600 pixels. Your Display Properites screen should now look like the one to the right. [figure 3] Click on OK at the bottom of your Display Properties screen. You may be prompted to restart your computer, or it may automatically make the changes. If you are prompted click on yes.

    figure 1

    figure 2

    figure 3

    WARNING: By changing the Desktop Area you are changing the resolution at which windows will be displayed. This will make your icons somewhat smaller and may make windows unpleasing to your eyes. To change it back, slide the cursor on the Desktop Area bar back to the left until it reads 640 by 480 pixels.


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