How Do I Setup Microsoft Internet Mail?

How do I Setup Microsoft Internet Mail?

  • Internet Mail is a add-on to Microsoft Explorer 3.0+. In order to setup Internet Mail to send and receive email, please do the following. Start Internet Mail, select the "Mail" menu, and choose "Options" [figure 1]. You will now see several tabs at the top of the options screen. Select "Server" and enter the following information [figure 2]:

    Name:                          Your_Real_Name
    Organization:                Company Name
    Email Address:    
    Outgoing Mail (SMTP):
    Incoming Mail (POP3):

  • Make sure that "Logon Using" has a black dot next to it, then provide the following.

    Account Name:            your_username
    Password:                   your_password

  • figure 1

    figure 2

  • Now click on "Advanced Settings". Fill in the "Reply To:" box with: [figure 3]

  • Next, click on the Connection Tab at the top of the Options screen. Make sure that "I connect using a modem" has a black dot next to it [figure 4]. Choose "Webbworks" as your Dial Up Networking Connection, and click on "Apply" then "OK".

    In order to check your mail, simply start Internet Mail and click on Send/Receive icon to check your messages. If you experience any problems/errors feel free to give us a call 509-545-9706.

  • figure3

    figure 4

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