How Do I Use Netscape for E-Mail?

How do I Use Netscape Communicator for E-mail?

Netscape Communicator 4.x comes with a powerful email client that allows you to easily send and receive email. Configuring and using this program can be confusing. In order to help, we have provided the following information in 3 easy steps: Step 1. Configuring, Step 2. Reading messages, Step 3. Composing messages. These steps are done so that users who have Netscape already configured can begin at a later step.

Step 1. Begin by starting Netscape Communicator. Across the top of the program is a list heading (File, Edit etc...). Click on Edit. The last option should be Preferences. Click on Preferences and you should see a screen similar to the one at the right [figure 1]. Only change options that are listed on this page. Changing any other options may cause Netscape Communicator to no longer work. Now, you need to find and click on Mail and Groups preferences. Click on the plus sign to the left of the heading to access additional properties associated with Mail and Groups. The first heading under Mail and Groups is Identity. Look at the picture to the right [figure 2]. Where Spaceman Spiff has his name, is where you want to put your real name. Just below is Spiff's email address. This is where you put in your email address. We are through with this field. Now click on Mail Server. Your mail server preferences should be identical to the picture at the right [figure 3]. Mail server user name is your userid. Your userid is the beginning of your email address. The outgoing mail server is The incoming mail server is The mail server type is POP3. Please be sure to leave the box under POP3 unchecked. This box does not need to be checked because you are downloading the email messages to your computer, hence they do not need to be left on the server. Click on OK at the bottom of the screen to save your preferences. Congratulations! You just completed the first step.


figure 1

< font size="-1">figure 2

figure 3

Step 2. Now that we have the program configured correctly, how do you check the account that you just created? When you click on OK it should have taken you back to the normal Netscape Communicator window. One of the listings across the top should read "Communicator". Under this heading should be Messenger Mailbox [figure 4]. Click on this heading and you should be taken to a screen that looks like figure 5. By clicking on the "Get Msg" you can download all messages in your mailbox [figure 6]. When you click on each subject listed in the top half of your screen, the subsequent message will be displayed below it on the bottom half of your screen. If you want to reply to the person who sent you the email, click on reply. This takes you to the message composer (go to step 3). If you want to compose a message to any person, click "New Msg" next to "Get Msg". This takes you to the composer screen (step 3).


figure 4

figure 5

figure 6

Step 3. The first look at this screen can be quite intimidating. No need to worry, you probably don't need to use most of the options on the screen. After you learn how to send mail, feel free to use additional options to improve the quality of your email. First things first. Refer to the picture at the right for reference to these instructions [figure 7]. We need someone to send mail to. The "To:" line is the place where you insert the recipient's email address. It is the first field under the options to send, quote, address etc. People who clicked on reply will already have this field filled out. Now click on the empty space next to Subject. Here is where you can summarize the mail that you are sending. This information will allow your recipient to quickly identify which message they have received. Now click in the big open area at the bottom of the composer. Here is where you type the body of your message. After you finish typing in your message click on the "Send" button at the top of your screen. Viola. You've successfully sent email! To exit the program, click on file then exit. This will take you back to the Netscape Web browser.


figure 7

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