How Do I Use Newsgroups?

How do I use Newsgroups?
Newsgroups or Usenet is an Internet service that Webbworks offers its customers and to take full advantage of this service users only need to setup a newsreader. Before we start to setup a newsreader, a little background into newsgroups would be beneficial. Newsgroups are collections of messages that are organized by subject. Currently, the list of newsgroups is close to 36,000+ groups -so if you have a particular interest, you are sure to find at least one newsgroup that is right for you. For example, one who is interested in racing bikes can find lots of useful information in the "" newsgroup. The names of newsgroups are organized by prefixes shown in the following table.

Alt. Arts & Entertainment
Biz. Business Topics - Commercial & Retail
Comp. Computing related
Humanities. Academic Perspective
Misc. Miscellaneous
News. News on and about Usenet
Rec. Recreational
Sci. Scientific or Medical
Soc. Social Subjects
Talk. Discussions

Newsreaders that we recommend and that have been distributed in our software packages are Netscape News and Microsoft's Internet News. [figures 1&2]

The settings for these newsreaders and others are:

News server:
Mail server:

The first time you connect to our server, you need to download the newsgroups. Remember, there are a lot of newsgroups out there, so if you decide to get a complete list then it will take awhile to download. When using our newsgroup service, we advise our customers to use proper "netiquette". Newsgroups can be informative and fun as long as everyone is playing by the rules.

figure 1

figure 2
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