How do I Setup Microsoft Outlook 97?

Microsoft Outlook uses Internet Mail to send/receive email.

Please be sure Internet Mail is installed and configured before setting up MS Outlook.

Outlook 97 was one of Microsoft's first steps into the Personal Information Managment (PIM) sector of the software industry. For this reason the e-mail portion of this program is severly impaired. Outlook 97 users are commonly victims of an interface that is not user friendly, error message that lack any useful information, and it's sensitivity to the smallest abnormalities/corruption that occur in normal everyday e-mail transfer.

Please follow these instructions to install the Internet Mail service.

Unfortunatly it is unrealistic to depict every possible sequence of screens that you may encounter. Do to the fact that a number of Outlook 97 updates change the apperance of the screens involved in the setup process.

Click on the Inbox icon that appears on the desktop. Microsoft Outlook should start.
Click on the "Tools" menu and scroll down to "Options".
Next, select the "Services" tab.
Double click on the "Internet Mail" option.
The Internet Mail window should appear with a "General" tab at the very top.

Please enter the following information:

  • Full Name: enter_your_name
  • Email Address:
  • Internet Mail Server:
  • Account Name: your username
  • Password: your password
  • Next click on the "Connection Tab", and make sure that there is a dot
          to "I connect using the modem".
    Webbworks should be specified under "Dial using the following connection".
    To finish click on "OK".

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