What is SPAM?
Unsolicited eMail or Processed Meat Products!

FAQ About Spam in General


  • What is spam?
  • Why do I get so much spam?
  • How does the spammer get my email address?
  • How can I learn more about spam?
  • If I don't give out my email address, will I avoid spam?
  • Can I unsubscribe from a spam mail?
  • A good piece of advice.
  • How do I get support fast?
  • What is spam?

    Spam is unsolicited email or newsgroup postings usually advertising some product or service.

    Why do I get so much spam?

    Spam is cheap marketing, sending messages to millions of people for costs of less than a dollar. This is only possible because spammers shift the burden of cost from the sender to the receiver. Sadly some people also actually buy some of the goods offered. All of this means that spammers are not likely to stop spamming in the near future. So PLEASE DON'T BUY ANYTHING ADVERTISED BY SPAM! That will only make them spam more. If there is something advertised by spam that actually interests you, find it somewhere else on-line!

    Take the Pledge and avoid buying products promoted by spam.

    How does the spammer get my email address?

    Spammers have a lot of different ways to get your address. The only thing you can be sure of is that they will get it sooner or later. You can learn more about their methods here.

    How can I learn more about spam?

    Every day we collect lots of articles about spam, you can read them here.

    If I don't give out my email address, will I avoid spam?

    This is a well known myth. Of course that strategy will have some impact in the short run, but over a longer period spammers will get your address one way or another. It just takes one message in a guest book, one post in a newsgroup, one on-line product purchase, or one subscription to a newsletter, and your address can be shared and sold all over the web. For less than $100 you can buy 15 million email addresses and soon your address will be among them, sadly...

    Can I unsubscribe from a spam mail?

    Don't ever do that! Spammers use that method to validate addresses. If you reply to unsubscribe, and in some cases if you just open the mail, your address is validated as being alive and that means spam will increase dramatically. If you did not subscribe to something you should not unsubscribe from it, and vice versa. If you did subscribe, then remember to unsubscribe when you don't want the newsletter anymore, instead of blocking it. You can read more about mailing list management here.

    A good piece of advice:

    Never open a spam mail and remember to turn the preview pane off, so only those messages you deliberately open are displayed. The pictures in spam mails are usually made so spammers can see if you open them and that means lots of spam.

    To turn the preview pane off:

    • Outlook Express: Click View Menu > Layout and remove the check mark beside Show Preview Pane. Outlook Express 6.0 offers a "Read all messages as plain text" option. This is a good alternative to disabling the preview pane.
    • Outlook 2000/XP: Click View Menu > Preview Pane.
    • Outlook 2003: Click View Menu > Reading Pane > Off.

    How do I get support fast?

    If you pay for SPAMfighter Pro you will have Premium Support. That means that we will try to answer your questions within a day.

    To download SPAMFighter Pro for FREE, please follow this link.

    To buy SPAMfighter Pro, please follow this link.

    To get Support, follow this link.

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