How Do I Publish My Webpage?

There are four steps in creating and publishing web pages on the Internet: planning, creating, publishing & verifying, and promoting.

The initial stage is the planning stage. You should have some type of outline prepared for the web pages that you want to create. You should also have a good idea on how the site will function for the web site visitors. One good method for planning a site is to sketch a site map, demonstrating how one can move from page to page (this should look similar to a math factor tree - if you remember what that looks like :-)). (This is Net code for a BIG Grin!)

Next, you will need to actually create the html (HyperText Markup Language) files. There are many helpful tools for creating html files. If you are prepared to buy commercial software to help you create your website, you may want to check out Builder.Com's review of Top HTML Editors (What you see is What you get). If you are looking for freeware or sharewhare, you can search Shareware.Com with the keywords HTML Editor.

Publishing your html files is the next step. This step involves moving the html and image files from your computer to the server computer on the Internet. Webbworks has allocated to you disk space on its web server so that you may store your html and image files there. You can connect to this space by using your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. Most FTP programs are very similar to Windows' File Manager of Windows 95's Windows Explorer. In most implementations, your local files will be listed on the left hand side of the screen and the remote disk space will be listed on the right hand side. First, you must connect to your disk space on the server. You need to be connected to the Internet and then you may start your FTP client. Webbworks has a list of recommended FTP clients in our Support Section.

When you launch your FTP client, you will either be prompted for connection information or you will need to use the program's connect function to enter the connection settings.

You will be asked three important questions. The host, the username and the password. The host is or (, the username and password are your account name and password (for example, jdoe as the username and secret as the password). After you have completed these three questions, you can click use the connect function.

Your computer will connect to the server and you will see remote directory information appear in the FTP client. The one important directory is your "username" directory. This directory is the directory where you should store all of your html files and images.

First you must enter your "username" directory. To do this, double click into your "username" directory. Once you are here, you can perform most operations that you can perform in your File Manager. You should now switch to your local directory that contains your html and image files that you wish to upload - most likely this information is on the left-hand side of the screen.

Once you have your files on the left and the server space on the right you can drag files over with your mouse to copy them to the server. The homepage must be named index.html, or index.htm if you are using three letter extensions like DOS uses. The URL of your site will be where username is your actual username.

Another important part of publishing is validation. You will need to open your browser to your URL to make sure that visually it appears as it did on your own computer. There are several reasons that it may not look the same. Did you upload the images? Did you keep the directory structure the same? Did you use relative links? etc. Did you keep in mind that Unix doesn't treat upper and lower case letters the same?

Lastly, to promote your website, you may want to submit your URL to the various search engines so that people who share your interests may find your website. This can be most easily done via Submit-it!. See Our Submit-It site for details.

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