Installation Instructions for Windows 95/98

Making a Connection:

1.  Double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop, followed by double clicking on the Dial Up Networking folder.

1a.  If you do not have the dial up folder:

  • 1. Double click on the Control Panel icon.
  • 2. Double click on the Add/Remove Programs icon.
  • 3. Click on the Windows Setup tab.
  • 4. Double click on the Communications icon.
  • 5. Place a checkmark next to the Dial Up networking icon.
  • 6. Click OK on the communications screen and then again at the Add/Remove Programs window.

    If prompted, insert the Windows 95/98 CD or Disk requested.

  • 2. When double clicked, Dial Up Networking can start one of two ways.

    2a. A window with an icon labeled Make New Connection can be displayed. If this is seen, double click on the icon.

    2b. An install wizard describing the purpose of Dial Up Networking can be seen. If this is seen, click on the Next button to continue.

    3. My Connection is highlighted on the first screen. Replace this with Webbworks and then, click Next.

    4. Enter the area code and phone number. Click Next after entering the phone number.

    Area code: 509
    Phone number:    492-4078 (Pasco)
    Phone number:    392-4015 (Richland)
    Phone number:    585-3648 (Kennewick)
    Phone number:    588-7138 (Benton City)

    Additional access numbers can be found @ Webbworks Access Numbers

    5. Verify the information within this new window. Click Finish.

    6. An icon with a little yellow phone connected to two computers (labeled Webbworks) should appear next to the Make New Connection icon.

    7. Using your RIGHT mouse button click once on the Webbworks icon. This will bring up a small submenu.

    8. Click on Create Shortcut (with your left mouse button). This will create a shortcut on your desktop. The computer may remind you that it cannot create a shortcut in this folder and ask you if you want the shortcut placed on the Desktop, which of course you do, so answer Yes.

    9. Again, using your RIGHT mouse button click once on the Webbworks icon.

    10. Click on Properties.

    11. Click on Server Types.

    12. The following should NOT have a checkmark next to them:

    Log on to network
    Require encrypted password
    Require data encryption
    Record a log file for this connection

    IPX/SPX Compatible

    13. The following should be checkmarked:

    Enable software compression

    14. Click on TCP/IP Settings

    Select Server Assigned IP address.
    Select Specify Name server address.
    Primary DNS:
    Secondary DNS:
    Verify that Use IP Header Compression and
    Use default gateway on remote network are
    Checked then click OK.

    GOOD JOB! Let's keep going!

      Setting Up Internal TCP/IP Settings:

    15. Double click on the My Computer icon. Double click on the Control Panel icon.

    16. Double click on the Network icon.

    17. A window with the title Network will be displayed. Make sure the Configuration tab is on top.

    18. Under the heading, The following network components are installed, look for the following items:

  • Client for Microsoft Software
  • Dial Up Adapter
  • TCP/IP.

  • Other items, such as IPX/SPX or NetBEUI should be removed. If you have any items associated with AOL (America On-Line), you may experience problems. If you do have conflicts please call us.
    19. If you do not have TCP/IP:

    Click on ADD.

    Click on Protocol.

    On the left side select Microsoft. On the right side select Dial Up Adapter. Click OK

    20. If you do not have the Dial Up Adapter:

    Click on ADD. Click on Adapter.
    On the left side select Microsoft. On the right side select TCP/IP.
    Click OK
    21. Your all set now. Close everything out and restart your computer.


    You will need the following Information to configure your
    Browser and E-mail Programs.

    Technical Support Number:

    (509) 545-9706

    Emergency Technical Support:

    (509) 302-0402

    Mailing Address:

    P.O. Box 4815, Pasco, WA. 99302-4815

    Street Address:

    4414 Moline Lane, Pasco, WA. 99301-8344

    High-Speed Dial-up Access Number:

    (509) 392-4015 (Richland)
    (509) 585-3648 (Kennewick)
    (509) 588-7138 (Benton City)
    (509) 492-4078 (Pasco)

    Primary DNS Server:

    Secondary DNS Server:

    Webbworks Account Logon Name:

    Incoming Mail/POP Server:

    POP3 Account:


    Outgoing Mail/SMTP Server:

    ISDN Switch Type:

    DMS100 - Custom Protocol Voice/Data

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